Herd Share

Although we are not a licensed dairy in the State of Ohio, we are legally allowed to make milk available through a herd share program. Essentially, you agree to purchase an undivided interest in the herd and receive a share of the herd’s dairy output. Although that might sound a little scary, we do all the work for you and it is a great way to develop a close relationship with your farmer AND get access to fresh, whole milk and dairy products. Our goat milk is fresh and creamy – and has a sweet flavor and no ‘goaty’ taste whatsoever! Goat milk is wonderful for those who might have allergies to the proteins in cow’s milk and because of the nature of the fat particles is considered more easily digested than cow’s milk. Our goat milk is GREAT for cheesemaking and when you join the herd share we offer free one-on-one cheesemaking lessons. You can see more about the cheeses we are making on the Cheese page and on the Blog. Each share in our herd is designed to give approximately a half gallon of milk per week – or 2 gallons a month. For safety reasons, we pasteurize our milk in a Safe Guard home pasteurizer at 161 degrees. Although this milk does not qualify as legally pasteurized, this method ensures that any harmful bacteria that might be in the raw milk are destroyed. We do not offer raw milk through our herd share. If you prefer to take your share as cheese, yogurt or buttermilk, we do offer those services by arrangement. For more information, including pricing, please contact us directly by phone or email.