Our small heard of Purebred and American Nubian dairy goats is the most pampered group of goats on the planet! They enjoy grazing and browsing our acreage and are terrific at clearing out what to us are unwanted plants like multiflora rose, buckthorn and poison ivy – but to them are tasty and nutritious forage. We breed our does in the fall and early winter to kid in late March through April. Our kids are dam-raised – we handle them a lot so they are very friendly with people, but still get that loving relationship with their goat mamas. Kids are weaned about 10 to 12 weeks after birth, at which time we usually have kids for sale. You can see our current offerings on the Goats for Sale page. Our herd is pretty much a closed herd, except for contact with breeding bucks who are tested. We test for CAE and all our animals are CAE-negative. We have never had a case of CL or Johnes. Once does freshen, we milk once a day and our milk, cheese and other dairy products (yogurt, buttermilk) are available through a Herd Share agreement. Our herd share members get to visit the goats, help snuggle baby goats at kidding time, free cheese making lessons, and all the manure for your garden you can cart away! Learn more on the Herd Share page!